Mariah + Ben

explored coeur d’alene, idaho for this sweet engagement. i was so excited to do a session here, it’s the perfect amount of woodsy but also right along the lake.  there were little beaches all throughout the trail where people can jump into the lake.  I asked if they wanted to jump in at the end of their shoot and they were totally down for it (which was awesome!!) I will definitely be shooting at this location again!



blake + megan’s couple session

SO thankful that these two drove two hours to the sand dunes so I could take photos of them!  i had been wanting to do a shoot at the sand dunes for a few months now and i love how these turned out.  it was so hot and the hills were a lot steeper than they looked but I had such a great time!


tasha + zac’s engagements

got to explore mt spokane a few weekends ago for this engagement session and then we stopped on the side of the road to get some late sunset shots in a field.  the sunlight shining through the trees was so perfect and the sunset was beautiful!!  also, they have a super cute dog and if you know me you know I’m a dog lover that doesn’t own one (yet!)


new plans!


after I graduated from college, I picked up my camera again for the first time in three years and started relearning all the things I learned in high school.  I had some ideas and goals for myself  but I didn’t put 100% of myself into it.  For the past year I had plans to move to Denver, Colorado to attend graduate school.  I figured what was the point of trying to build clientele in Spokane when I would be leaving within a few months.


my husband and I just recently decided to not move to Denver.  therefore, I am able to put 100% of myself into my photography business and building clientele in Spokane. I was scared to make this decision…here I am with a bachelors in psychology (an expensive bachelors that is) and I am working 2 part time jobs (that are not related to my degree) and trying to build a photography business.  But I believe this is the right decision.  graduate school will always be there, and I still would like to go someday!  I have always loved photography, and it’s something I can be creative in and not feel like I am horrible at it (such as writing, drawing, painting, crafting, etc.).  It’s something I enjoy spending my time on whether it be editing, planning, or learning. I have set goals for myself, and I have fun and exciting things planned throughout this next year, and I hope to see myself grow creatively through every trial and error!

I can’t wait to share my goals and plans with you throughout the year (:

kaylyn + joel

This shoot really showed me how much I have improved since I started doing photography again back in November.  I have been educating myself and practicing everything I’ve been learning.  I have fallen more in love with photography than I have ever before.  I watched a few seminars earlier this month and contacted Kaylyn about doing a shoot so I could practice what I learned and this is by far my favorite session!

I’m always searching for new information and inspiration and I need couples to practice these skills on.  Therefore, I am offering 25% off all sessions booked between now and July 17, 2017 (:  please feel free to email for pricing!


jess + zach

winter is FINALLY leaving, or at least I hope!  the snow is slowly melting and we are having 50 degree weather which means it’s finally time for some warm outdoor sessions.  I have been wanting to do a session in a greenhouse for a few months now so I asked my old roommate if she and her fiancé wanted to model for me (:  I’m so happy with how these pictures turned out!!



Barcelona, Spain

Day 1

as usual, when we got into Barcelona we went to the market to grab some snack for the next few days and then found a place to grab dinner.  it surprised me that pizza is just as popular in Spain as it is in the U.S. as we were constantly running into pizza restaurants.  so we ate pizza and continued to walk around when we came across the Barcelona Cathedral and the Gothic Quarter.


Day 2

we had decided that we were going to see all of Antonio Gaudi artwork.  he is extremely popular in Barcelona for all of his artwork (one of which was across from where we were staying) but we really wanted to see La Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, and Casa Batillo.  Turns out, you have to buy tickets online ahead of time because all the tickets sell out within a few hours of opening.  We were able to get into Casa Batillo, which is Gaudi’s house.


La Sagrada Familia

A chapel that is still being built…and he started in 1882!!! Just look at the details!


Casa Batillo

This was the house he designed and lived in. This was the only thing we actually got to go into and tour.  He was a very interesting artist…

Day 3

we spent the morning on a train to Montserrat, a monastery in the mountains of Spain.  we rode on a little cable car that took us all the way up to the mountain.  we were able to hike around, look at a few museums and go inside the monastery.


we spent the rest of our time in Barcelona on the beach.  there were so many cute little shops and restaurants and the water was so warm!!  I could definitely live in Barcelona for the rest of my life and be content (: