new plans!


after I graduated from college, I picked up my camera again for the first time in three years and started relearning all the things I learned in high school.  I had some ideas and goals for myself  but I didn’t put 100% of myself into it.  For the past year I had plans to move to Denver, Colorado to attend graduate school.  I figured what was the point of trying to build clientele in Spokane when I would be leaving within a few months.


my husband and I just recently decided to not move to Denver.  therefore, I am able to put 100% of myself into my photography business and building clientele in Spokane. I was scared to make this decision…here I am with a bachelors in psychology (an expensive bachelors that is) and I am working 2 part time jobs (that are not related to my degree) and trying to build a photography business.  But I believe this is the right decision.  graduate school will always be there, and I still would like to go someday!  I have always loved photography, and it’s something I can be creative in and not feel like I am horrible at it (such as writing, drawing, painting, crafting, etc.).  It’s something I enjoy spending my time on whether it be editing, planning, or learning. I have set goals for myself, and I have fun and exciting things planned throughout this next year, and I hope to see myself grow creatively through every trial and error!

I can’t wait to share my goals and plans with you throughout the year (:


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